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HFR volunteers have a wealth of experience providing first aid and ambulance support for a variety of events.  These include motor sport, off-road trials, mountain bike racing, horse shows, fetes and country shows.

All our ambulances are fully equipped to a high standard, which includes a defibrillator on each vehicle.  Detailed equipment lists are available upon request.

Our first aid volunteers hold at least the HSE First Aid at Work qualification (or its equivalent), and our ambulance volunteers hold the Emergency Medical Technician qualification (or its equivalent).  All our volunteers are individually insured and undertake continual development and training.

Hart First Response holds:  medical indemnity, vehicle, trustee and public liability insurance.  Evidence of insurance is available on request.

We have the use  of three  vehicles a Series 2A Landrover ambulance (for Off-road events), a Bedford CF ambulance and Ford Transit  ambulance (see photos).

Types of events
We have the capacity to provide first aid and ambulance cover for small and medium sized public events of all types.  In general, if you expect an attendance of more than 4,000 people per day at your event you will need to contact a larger organisation. In the last couple of  years we have covered the following events:

  • Small country shows and fetes
  • Bonfire and fireworks displays
  • Football tournaments
  • Enduro Motorcross
  • Horse shows
  • Off-road 4x4 trialling
  • Karting
  • Classic car shows and rallies
  • After school athletics
  • Mountain bike races (downhill and enduro) 
Event Organiser Feedback
“I was very pleased with your team on the day as usual especially as we had a serious incident ...  They dealt with this very professionally.”

Area of Operation
We are based in Fleet, North East Hampshire, with convenient access to the M3, M4 and M25 motorways.  We have provided cover for events from Brighton in the east to Bournemouth in the west and at points along the south coast.  We have also provided cover for events in south west London and out to Newbury along the M4.

Areas within the green circle (see below) are within easy travelling distance of Fleet, typically ? hour or less.  The orange circle represents a travelling time of one hour.  We will cover events that would require more than one hours travel time but this would be by special arrangement.

map Main areas of operation

Green circle: North Hampshire, West Surrey and Berkshire

Orange circle: South Hampshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, West London, East Surrey, Middlesex

Download Booking Request Form 

Further Information
• Expected attendance: Please be accurate, if unsure, please tick the maximum number expected.
• Type of event/hazards: you may tick more than one choice.
• Refreshments: Please note that we are a charity and all our members are volunteers.  If possible, please provide free refreshments for our volunteers, look after us and we will be keen to come again. Please ensure that you have informed the caterers of our requirements (there will be at least one vegetarian at most events) and provide vouchers or something similar so that there is no confusion.
• Start / finish times: Please be as accurate as possible with the event finish time including making an allowance for any possible overrun. 
• Programme: Please identify Hart First Response in your programme and when thanking the helpers.  The following wording may be used: Ambulance and first aid provided by Hart First Response (Registered Charity 1092333). We aim to help save lives by providing ambulance and first aid cover at local events, and by teaching first aid skills within the community. www.hartfirstresponse.org.uk
• Equipment:  All our ambulances are fully equipped (list available on request) and we aim to ensure that each event is provided with a defibrillator.  Our ambulances will not usually be used to remove any casualty from the site, as this could disrupt the event.  Therefore, if emergency transport to hospital is required the NHS ambulance service will be contacted by dialing 999.  
• Qualifications:  All our first aid volunteers hold at least the HSE First Aid at Work qualification (or its equivalent), and our ambulance volunteers hold an Emergency Medical Technician qualification.  All our volunteers are insured by the charity and undertake continual development and training.   All our volunteers have undertaken child protection training.
• Insurance: Hart First Response holds:  medical indemnity, vehicle, trustee and public liability insurance.  Evidence of insurance is available on request.

Suggested Donations
We have a range of suggested donations depending on the type of event, expected attendance and any regulatory requirements.  We do not advertise our suggested amounts online, but we are considered a very economical option for first aid and  ambulance cover - as we do not pay our volunteers.  Once we have risk assessed your event we will let you know the level of cover you require and suggest a donation range.

Confirmation of booking and payment
• Please note that verbal bookings can be made, but they must be confirmed in writing (letter, request form, email or fax) within 30 days.  If we do not receive confirmation within that time then the date will no longer be reserved.  Ideally, we would like confirmation of bookings at least one month prior to the event.  However, we are pre-booked up to a year in advance for some events, especially in the Summer months, so please contact us as soon as you have dates and we will be able to advise you of our availability.  
• You will receive confirmation of receipt of your request by email or phone within 12 working days.  If you do not hear from us by then please re-contact us as soon as possible, in case your documents did not reach us.   We aim to confirm or refuse a booking as soon as we can, depending on volunteers’ availabilities.  Following confirmation, we will check with you approximately one week before the event that it is still going ahead and clarify any other details. If for any reason you have to cancel your event please let us know as soon as possible so we may offer the date to other organisations.
• We rely entirely on donations to maintain our service and will of course gratefully receive any additional donations that you may be able to make to our Ambulance Appeal.  Please pay your donation on the day of the event or within seven working days, either by credit card https://www.charitychoice.co.uk/donation.asp?ref=152074, or by cheque to Hart First Response at the address shown below or by cash on the day.  We do not issue invoices but can provide receipts. Your suggested donation pays for equipment, insurance, running our ambulance fleet and training of both our volunteers and the public.  Our volunteers receive no payment.  

Patient Confidentiality
Hart First Response (HFR) is required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act, 1998, to ensure the confidentiality of any patient records held by the charity.  Details can only be disclosed to third parties with the consent of the individual or by virtue of some overriding lawful authority. An event incident report, omitting all personal details, may be made available to the event organisers on request.  HFR retains patient records in secured and locked storage for 7-25 years, depending on age.

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