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Emergency First Aid at Work Course
  • Standards and certification
  • Resuscitation Links
  • Leaflets
  • Apps
  • Educational aims and objectives
  • Compliments, Comments, Concerns and Complaints 

  • Standards and certification
    This course will follow the first aid standards in the current guidelines published by the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the current edition of the First Aid Manual of the Voluntary Aid Societies (St John Ambulance, British Red Cross, St Andrew’s First Aid).  This course will also comply with the current requirements of the Riding for the Disabled First Aid Training (2013), the First Response certificate for adult leaders in The Scout Association and Girl Guiding UK (2009) the General Dental Council (GDC) recommendations for Continual Professional Development (September 2006) and the Health and Safety Executive’s Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981(Guidance updated in 2013)

    HFR’s trainers and assessors have many years of first aid experience and actively provide first aid at local events.  They also all hold current First Aid at Work certificates as well as teaching qualifications such as NVQs C23/24, D32/33 and City&Guilds Level 4 Certificate in Further Education Teaching CFET-7407. 

    The course will include continual evaluation of competency and assessment of resuscitation skills and successful candidates will be issued with an EFAW certificate of competence valid for 3 years. Candidate’s competency and assessment records will be kept securely by HFR for 3 years.

    On course completion, participants will be asked to complete a course evaluation form

    Resuscitation links
    Basic life support (adult) flow chart (YouTube - Vinnie Jones) App
    Adult choking flow chart
    Child choking flow chart

    Recognising a heart attack
    Act FAST for stroke (YouTube)
    Basic First Aid Leaflet (HSE)
    Recognising meningitis (YouTube)
    Recognising sepsis (UK Sepsis Group)
    First aid for epilepsy (YouTube)
    First aid for anaphylaxis (YouTube)
    What to do in an asthma attack
    Minor head injury discharge advice (Headway)
    Choose well - your guide to choosing the right NHS service
    if you become ill or are injured (YouTube)
    5 a day - What to eat to stay healthy
    Organ donation - The gift of life (Organ Donation)

    Hard and Fast CPR App (British Heart Foundation)
    First aid App (St John Ambulance)
    First aid App (British Red Cross)

    Educational aims and objectives
    At the end of this course you will be confident in your approach to dealing with relatives, friends, colleagues and patients in an emergency and will have the skills to provide correct first aid and will be able to demonstrate:
    • How to deal with an unconscious casualty
    • How to perform Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    • How to deal with a medical emergency
    • How to control bleeding

    Sessions during the day will include:
    • understanding the role of the first-aider
    • the importance of preventing cross-infection; 
    • the need for recording incidents and actions; 
    • use of available equipment; 
    • assess the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency; 
    • administer first aid to a casualty who is unconscious (including seizure); 
    • administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation; 
    • administer first aid to a casualty who is choking; 
    • administer first aid to a casualty who is wounded and bleeding; 
    • administer first aid to a casualty who is suffering from shock; 
    • provide appropriate first aid for minor injuries (including small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters). 

    Please let us know if you require any additional first aid topics that are not in the sessions listed and we will do our best to add these to the course.

    Compliments, Comments, Concerns and Complaints 
    If you have any questions, concerns or wish to raise a complaint please ring: 01252 629132, text: 07941-980914 or email Hester on: admin@hartfirstresponse.org.uk.  A copy of our Compliments, Comments, Concerns and Complaints Policy is available online.


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