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Heifer News  April 2006
First Aid Training 
In January we ran a Basic First Aid course, training 17 people in the new resuscitation skills.  We are running another Basic First Aid course on 23rd April and still have some places available.

Gillian and Kayleigh have also been providing first aid training to a local guide unit, again encompassing the new resuscitation guidelines.

Community Responders
Four members have now joined local schemes. In October 2005, Richard and Sallyanne joined Surrey Ambulance Community Responder Scheme. In January 2006, Gillian and Kayleigh joined Hampshire Ambulance Community Responder Scheme.

A Community First Responder is a person, trained as a minimum in basic life support and the use of a defibrillator, who is dispatched by the ambulance control to attend a potentially life-threatening emergency (definition from the Resuscitation Council UK).

Resuscitation Guidelines 2005
The new RCUK guidelines were published in November 2005.  Graham and Hester attended the RCUK January 2006 Scientific Symposium which included presentations on: 

  • Does external chest compression generate adequate passive ventilation during CPR?
  • Teaching recognition of agonal breathing improves diagnosis of cardiac arrest
  • Modeling the effects of interrupted compressions: - less is better
  • Radiological measurement of the adult chest: implications for chest compression depth
  • Evaluation of ambulance telephone CPR advice for adult cardiac arrests

  • We are now training to the new guidelines and will be updating our defibrillator as soon as Surrey Ambulance Community Responder Scheme give us the go ahead.


    First Aid Provision
    This year we are due to cover 72 events ranging from karting to fetes.  In 2005, we covered 82 events treating 182 casualties, which was quite an increase on 2004, where we covered 70 events and treated 144 casualties.

    Members'  Training
    Gillian has gained her C7407, City & Guilds Level 4 Certificate in Further Education Teaching (CFET). 

    Kayleigh gained her First Aid at Work certificate in August and she and Sallyanne have now dealt with enough casualties that they have both been promoted from probationer to full first aider status by the Executive Committee.  We have clarified the process needed to achieve full first aider, or ambulance aider status and have developed a Technical Skills Competency self-assessment process for all volunteers.

    Six of us attended the full week Responder course at Southern Ambulance College (Wiltshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust) in September. Hester, Graham, Gillian, Martin, Sallyanne and Richard gained their Emergency Responder Clinical Training Certificates.

    We have updated our constitution, in agreement with the Charity Commission, to alter section 8 and change the grades of membership to better reflect our current practice.

    Sonardyne International Ltd. gave us a magnificent  donation in the form of a new ambulance.  Bertha, a Ford Transit joined us in November and with the help of Charters Ltd. Peugeot and Camberley Signs she was up and running in January 2006.  We are extremely grateful to all who have donated time and money to enable us to have this more modern vehicle.

    Penny has been moth-balled for the present time and placed on a film-props website, where she may find some alternative work and gain her Equity card!

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