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Heifer News  February 2002
Duty Statistics
We are now providing first aid and/or ambulance cover for five organisations:  Camberley Kart Club, Rochester Kart Club, Mountain Bike Club, Hants and Berks Rover Owners and Three Villages Horticultural Society.  Since our start up in November 2001, we have attended 18 events, treated 13 casualties and called County Ambulance out twice.

Community Work
We recently visited a Brownie pack in Kingsley to teach resuscitation and assess the recovery position.  The Brownies were excellent and all 18 passed the assessments.  We are also providing some Scout and Guide leaders the opportunity to practice child and infant resuscitation on our training evening: Tuesday 16 April 2002.

We currently have nine members including five Ambulance Attendants.  We are keen to recruit more members, particularly those with current Standard First Aid or First Aid at Work qualifications.

We now have public liability insurance for HFR, as well as vehicle insurance for "Penelope", the Bedford Ambulance.  Members are reminded that they need to purchase their own Medical Indemnity Insurance.  We are still looking into Trustees Indemnity Insurance, but since September 11th prices have moved out of our range.

We now have a new fax machine on 01252-629132. Our email address:
admin@hartfirstresponse.org.uk has enabled us to communicate directly with two organisers about first aid cover.

With the coming increase in duties and ambulance requirements in the Summer we have started purchasing an extra set of equipment, so that both vehicles are fully equipped.  This includes: set of collars, spinal board, entonox unit, burns kit, maternity kit, dressings kit, ambulance grab bag, BP and stethoscope, bag and mask.  We are now waiting for further funds so that we can add spreader bars and poles, fracture splints and oxygen therapy equipment.

Training Courses
We successfully ran two basic first aid courses for adult Scout and Guide leaders, training a total of fifty-four people.  We are looking to offer a further course in September 2002.  Running these courses has provided the funds for the purchasing of one Little Anne, one Little Junior, one Baby Anne, and all relevant consumables, from Laederdal.

We have now purchased a hand-held vitalograph and Little Anne from donations received.  In addition we have received two motorcycle crash helmets for use in training sessions.

With our increased number of purchases from SP Services (Ambulance Equipment Suppliers) they have agreed to supply some items at a discount.  We very much appreciate this and would like to thank them for their generosity.

Charity Commission
We received a response to our application asking us to address six points.  We are currently working on these and hope to re-submit in March 2002.

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