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Heifer News  January 2003
Mission Statement
We aim to help save lives by providing ambulance and first aid cover at local events, and by teaching first aid skills within the community.

First Aid Courses
In the last year we have trained over 100 people in first aid, particularly resuscitation. Our latest trainees were a small group of new parents, to whom we taught infant resuscitation. We currently have two Basic First Aid courses booked for February and April 2003.

The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh
Graham Brown has been accepted as a member of this prestigious organisation (URL: www.rcsed.ac.uk).  Membership includes a subscription to the Emergency Medicine Journal, which members are welcome to borrow.

Resuscitation Council (UK) 13th Annual Scientific Symposium
Hester Wain and Graham Brown attended this symposium in November.  There was a good range of sessions including: National audit of AEDs by Dr Mick Colquhorn and the Laerdal Lecture, "The Brain" by Dr Carl Gwinnutt.  We took a comprehensive series of notes, please email if you are interested.


Organisation Update
Since our AGM in November, we have a new Vice Chair: Gillian Dawes, who has also agreed to take on the role of Child Protection Officer.  Our thanks go to Frank O'Connell who served in this position, but found he had to withdraw due to other commitments.

Members Training
Four members: Graham Brown, Hester Wain, Martin Pike and Gillian Dawes successfully completed their update training with Southern Ambulance College at the beginning of November and gained their Emergency Responder Clinical Training qualifications (see photo). 

Practical skills assessed included those needed to deal with a casualty having a heart attack, a motor vehicle accident, and a non-breathing, pulseless casualty.  We applied spinal immobilisation, traction splints and neck collars; gave oxygen and the pain relieving gas entonox; and used AED defibrillators to preserve life, prevent the casualtiesí conditions worsening and promote recovery.

This was an excellent course, enhanced by the opportunity of working with four members of Kent Priority Care and Brian Janman of Goodwood Motorsport Rescue Unit.

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