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Heifer News  June 2005
Members'  Training
Hester, Graham and Kevin have all passed their First Aid at Work qualification.  Gillian is just finishing her C7407, gaining a City & Guilds Level 4 Certificate in Further Education Teaching (CFET). Graham has started a distance learning Certificate in Volunteer Management.

February saw three members of HFR participate in the Southern Rescue Group training weekend “Response 2005” at Goodwood, organised by Brian Janman.   This year we had the opportunity to cut up cars and learn about airbag safety, as well as get some really good hands-on experience using a Kendrick Extraction Device (to remove patients with a spinal injury from a car).  Gillian and Graham also helped to teach defibrillation to  29 members of the Rally Rescue teams.

Equipment donations
Every event date since August 2004 has been attended by the defibrillator, but we are very glad not to have used it.  We are now actively seeking funding for a second defib, as with more volunteers we will be able to provide cover at more events and we already have multiple bookings for some weekends in the summer.

The last 12 months  has seen very generous donations from a number of sources providing the very necessary basics we need.  In particular, £200 from the Inner Wheel Club of Hart and £260 from Camberley Rotaract which has been used to purchase uniform sweat shirts and high visibility vests.  This went well with an anonymous donation for polo shirts.

We have also had an OHP with stand, projector screen and flip chart stand donated as they were no longer needed.  We were able to give them a good and busy home!

Our quest for additional funds is ongoing.  In addition to our dream of a new ambulance and second defibrillator our equipment list costs still need to be met. 

We would love to talk to potential donors and sponsors of HFR.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss ways in which you might be able to help us. 

Did you know that it cost us an initial £60 to train one person in First Aid and £500 to train one person in Ambulance Aid?

First Aid Provision
To date in 2005, we have been booked to cover 78 events.  This includes our busiest weekend of the year. On Saturday 11th June we provided nine volunteers covering three events with all three vehicles out on the road!  So far in six months we have treated 78 casualties.

First Aid Training
This year we have trained 53 people, during 5 courses: one basic 6-hour first aid, three 2-hour emergency life support, and one 2-hour child and infant resuscitation.

2005 – Year of the Volunteer
2005 has seen the membership increase by four new volunteers.  Two of whom, Richard and Sallyanne are joining the usual four and going to Southern Ambulance Training College in September to be trained in Ambulance Aid for their Emergency Responder Clinical Training Certificates.

Fleet Community Responders
Hester and Graham joined Surrey Ambulance in March 2005 as Community Responders.  With a defibrillator, oxygen and entonox they have been on call for over 50 hours, and attended two incidents.  Other members of HFR are also intending to train as Community Responders as soon as the opportunity arises.

Katy has been used more regularly in the last year as Ethel has had a re-fit and is now shining brightly!  Our thanks to Camberley Signs who have been more than generous with a donation of new vehicle signs.

Penny, now 24 and nearly a classic is running well and has a new electronic ignition to help her start in the cold damp mornings.

However, we have also opened a Vehicle Fund account with £250, with the intention of purchasing a more modern vehicle in the near future.  Between them this year, our three trusted ambulances have clocked up an amazing 1,120 miles and almost a hundred years!  A new addition to the fleet will enable us to be more effective as we continue to provide first aid cover to the local (and larger) community.

Sirens (with multiple whoop and wail options) have now been fitted to all vehicles, specifically for off-road use to warn pedestrians and others of ambulance movement.

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