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Heifer News  May 2003
First Aid
We have already covered over 20 events this year and with inquiries from English Heritage and Football tournament organisers; it looks to be a busy Summer! 

Members of HFR have also demonstrated their first aid skills in their off-duty time.  Gillian assisted a motorcyclist who had parted company with his bike, Graham, Martin and Shirley dealt with a car that had flown a hedge, and Christine sorted out a fallen horse rider. 

Both vehicles used by HFR sailed through their MOTs, although we are still looking for a cost-effective method of replacing Penny.  We are currently investigating areas of funding.  Both Penny and Ethel (owned by Graham) escaped from work on the May bank holiday and joined the cavalcade of "999 Vehicles" at Brooklands Museum.  Both were much admired by professionals and children alike, although Penny as a former front-line Surrey Ambulance and then St. John Ambulance vehicle was recognised by some!
The 1965 4x4 Landrover ambulance (Katy) owned by Martin has also passed her MOT and is currently having her interior fixtures and fittings upgraded, ready for active service.

Extraction Device
With a few more serious casualties this year, we have revised our standard equipment list and now carry our extraction device (donated by HBRO) to every event.   This change has been implemented because of the number of casualties who leave the field of play after injury to sit in their cars.  These casualties later present a somewhat unexpected scenario for immobilisation and subsequent extraction! 

First Aid Courses
So far this year we have run two Basic first aid courses training a total of 29 people.  This has enabled us to buy additional child and infant Resusci Annes.

Members Training
Southern Rescue Group training day
February saw five members of HFR participate in a training day at Goodwood, organised by Brian Janman.  We learned to put out a fire and co-ordinate vehicle cutting to release trapped drivers.  The day ended with a scenario enacted by the HFR team, with two casualties in a car and one unconscious spectator.  While cold, the weather just about held and members of Goodwood Motor Rescue Unit gained their competencies, well done!
Anaphylaxis and adrenaline administration
A fascinating talk from the Anaphylaxis Campaign stimulated us to update our adrenaline training.  This usefully dovetailed with the HSE guidance notes for first aid training on "administration of medication".
Pre-Hospital Volunteer online publication
A new way to keep up-to-date in first aid, this e-zine is very useful and highly informative.

Charity Commission
Our annual report is finally completed and has been sent to the CC.  It has been a good first year and we are aiming to build on our success for the coming year.

New Members
We are still looking for new volunteers with current qualifications in standard first aid, or first aid at work to help us provide cover at events. 
If you are interested please get in touch.

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